Friday, October 31, 2008

Reply to SM

First off I would like to apologize or offer an explanation for my previous post. It wasn’t my own creation, but rather a cut/paste job from one of the members of our face book group. I was experiencing writers-blank and couldn’t think of anything to post, so I chose to use this rather just leave the blog empty another few months. The author of that piece is also a very close friend, so I meant it as a compliment that I was posting ‘her’ creation.

However, it was brought to my attention that this post strayed from the original goals and objective I set for this blog. Im sorry that SheidelMaidel was offended. It wasn’t my intention, and for that I ask mehila from SM and anyone who was upset by the post.

One of the currrent reasons for this blog and the Facebook group associated with it is to, provide an outlet to frum men who are attracted to crossdressing or female-role-playing in any capacity. We can argue cows come home about the halachic ramifications of that. The bottom-line is we all have nesoynos. Whether, it is znus, or loshon hora, or failing to keep the laws of bain adom l’chaveiro to the fullest. Or even wasting time on the internet instead of sitting with a Gammarra. At the end of the day, I feel it is infinitely better to have a site that caters to other yidden, and endeavors to keep the pritzus out, rather then go to the myriad of Goyishe CD and Tranny sites that are open sewers of frightening magnitudes.

Someone I was recently chatting with, related to me, that one month on the day his wife was scheduled to go to the mikva, there was a stain, necessitating the waiting of another 7 days. He claims that, by dressing once or twice a day he was able to get over this disappointment and setback. I’m not a poisek , so I cant comment on this halachically. But I would like to point out, that in the real world that I live in, many guys that are in that situation will be tempted and occasionally do go to bad places and commit sins far worse then cross-dressing in the privacy of one’s own home. Because, hopefully we all strive to keep the Torah, but we are only flesh and blood, not melochim.

To be honest, in the outset, I merely read Aviva’s post on CalmKahhahs, and found his stories amusing and entertaining. When he wanted to delete his blog, I offered to take it over , because I liked them so much. At the time, I viewed it as a joke . Somewhere along the way the blog became a lot more serious and developed into a Facebook group. It was there that I surprised the most, in a very positive way.

All the guys I met thru this group turned out to very caring, supportive and sensitive. Much more so, then most of the guys I know from Yeshiva , business, and the shuls I frequent. By the same token , when are in ‘girl’ mode, they possess far greater depth , and are considerably less shallow and superficial then the frum women that I have corresponded with online, or the vast majority of Yeshivish women that my wife has been exposed to.

Just thought I would express my thoughts

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going to the Mall

Me and some of my girl friends are going to the Mall. I received some very helpful information from my close friend Devory.

here are some advice on how to go out shopping to the mall:

First go to the mall and observe what women are wearing. You don't want to stand out. You Need to act the way women do.

Next, there are several great websites devoted to the support of crossdressers that offer tons of advice in how to look and act in order not to stand out, in other words "pass." Check them out.

Next decide what you want to wear. A dress is a simple one piece outfit. A skirt and blouse gives you more opportunities to 'mix and match.' Of course you can go the slacks/jeans route as well. Those are probably the easiest of all to do.

A wig is a must have. Dont be cheap here, use a very good Sheitlmacher, get recomendations before hand. Its also very good to learn as much as you can about Sheitl maintenance on your own, so you always keep it looking just perfect. There are plenty of places to pick up one that matches you skin tone and close to your natural color. What makes it obvious, is a person with blond wig with black eyebrows and eye lashes. You'd stand out in a crowd.

Make up can be a biggie. A hint, less is more. Don't over do it. Worst part is beard cover. Once you hide the beard, then apply foundation then the rest, but do not over do it.

Boobs can give you away if you are too flat chested (some men are developed and get away with a bra). You can buy silicon ones from $60 to over $200. Foam breast forms are a lot cheaper and then you can make your own with stockings and bird seed to fill a bra. What ever you decide, make sure your breasts are in proportion to your body structure. In other words, if you go out with size F cups, you better believe you'll get noticed in a heart beat, and in the wrong way. Stick with B to C cups.

Legs, if you were a dress or skirt, stocking or pantyhose are a must. They can really enhance the looks of your legs so you don't stand out. If you have a lot of leg hair, and do not want to shave it off (it grows back anyway) you may wear two pairs of stockings/pantyhose to hide the hair. But it is best to shave.

Shoes, if you have never worn them, do not wear high heels. Go with flats or shoes with heels of no more than an inch. Your legs will thank you and it is easier walking until you get used to them.

When you do get out there, relax and act natural and enjoy yourself. Act like that you've been doing this for years and do not bring attention to yourself. Remember one thing, there is no crime in going out crossdressed. """"Women have been crossdressing for years"""""'.

Go out and have fun.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tips for looking your Best

The following are helpful things Ive learned over the years for looking your absolute best.

Wear simple clothes; nice sweaters; shirts; blouses; and tees.

* Make sure all clothing are clean and pressed.
* Skirts, jeans or black pants, black tops, greens, dark grays, reds are ok.
* No white or light color tops please

Do not wear... busy prints, ruffles, or anything with a logo (ie: Nike, Tommy).

Wear your hair and makeup simple, the way you would normally wear for an audition.
Remember your head shot should look like you.

If you are hiring an in house makeup artist please come in with no makeup and clean, dry hair.

Try to relax and come across naturally, let the real you come out in your photos.
Do not act scared the camera will pick it up. Practice your smile in a mirror.

Helpful Hints for Composites

Bring bright colorful clothes, props, and matching jewelry.
A variety of different outfits with multiple different looks.
(example: business, casual, sporty, bathing suit...)

Supply your own hair accessories to match your outfits.

Wear your hair and makeup simple, the way you would normally wear for an audition. Remember your head shot should look like you.

Try to relax and come across naturally, let the real you come out in your photos.
Do not act scared the camera will pick it up. Practice your smile in a mirror.

About Clothing Color, Tone, and Style...


Make up should be worn in the normal amount. Do not apply extra unless you are having a modeling session done,

in which case a licensed aesthetician, trained in model make-up, should be handling the details.

You'll also want to consider the location of your session. For a natural setting like the beach,

more neutral and soft colors will harmonize well. For a business portrait with a little flash, bold colors and high contrast eye shadow can give you the attention you desire.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So, I have Chasana coming up next week and Im trying to decide what to buy/wear.Its a Chasidish affair, so I need to fit in, Many thanks to my friends Shira and Aviva for sending me the following links. Facebook's my style has helped immensely too.

I need a very classy, elegant suit, but not sthing too stuufy or tired. Something with a lot of class and refinement, understated elegance. Yet also possessing some bounce and suoir de vivre. The following caught my eye.


I love the rich sily, satiny look. With the right shoes and hosiery it really does wonders.Of course its absolutely essntial to keep the following in mind for the right results, when you absolutely, positively must have excellent results.

1. Plump – use two moisturisers, maybe a hydrating one and a balm.The sales lady at Victoria Secret gave me a very helpful and most informative demo of this. They have such nice products and great service.

2. Brighten - concealer under the eyes will brighten and make you look less tired.
3. Smooth – foundation or tinted moisturiser will help to even out the skin tone.
4. Define – liner and mascara will define the eyes. Also use a brow pencil and lip-liner.
5. Pop – this means colour, add a little to your cheeks and to your lips.

I hope I am able to get it all together for the desired effect..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Our Succos party was a smashing success, much appreciation to all of you who came. Especially you Shira, for all your Chizik and enthusiasm. Its friends like you that make this whole blog worthwhile.

On Simchas Torah, I decided to listen to Shirah's advice and dress up for Hakofos. It was a little bit of a disapointment as the women in the shul I was at, as well as several other Yeshivas and places I went to just stand in the balcony and watch the men and dont dance or do anything particularly special to acknowledge Simchas Torah. But I still had a wonderful time and found many lovely ladies to talk to about a host of topics. I learned how to make Choluptches (stuffed cabbage) with a real zesty, tangy sauce. Discussed how to prevent a good roast from shrinking and drying out. More importantly, I stand corrected from my last post. It seems that its perfectly acceptable to wear nude tights in the fall and winter with a suede skirt.

However the past few days have been rather frustrating, as I saw 100s of exquisite gorgeous outfits in Shul and on the streets of Monsey on Yom Tov and different Chol Hamoed outings. But then this week , the past few days I have been googling for hours and visting hundreds of websites, and cant find a single thing I like.

Fortunately, a very good friend in New Zealand send me the following link... To go with these or these
I hope now that the holidays are over, to hear from my facebook friends a lot more. Not finding the rt outfit should be the worst thing that happens to us.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its been a while , so I felt I am long overdue. Initially I looked at the comments, but then decided I am writing this as a catharsis for me, not to get mega-comments.

Its also part of the blog-facebook-email support group for several really special "girls" so I am going to do a new piece.

Rosh Hashana and YC was very nice. Its the time of year when all the new fall fashions are out. I really love the sheitels with the the layered look. This one in particular is very nice.

These are the outfits I am currently looking at..

Succos is the time when traditionally, we switch from nude to black opaque in hosiery styles. Looking forward to our annual Succos party get together. Hoping to see all my friends there.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I am actually quite busy these days, but since my dear friend Suri, asked me I will write a short lil post. I want to wish a special heart-felt mazal tov to her on the recent of a beautiful baby girl ...7lb 7 oz..

Me and the girls would love to throw her a baby shower, but she is in California and we are all on the east coast. So just tell us what you need..

In other news Im very worried about the sudden diapearence of Aviva. Suddenly theres no trace of her on Facebook, and she deleted her blog again...Hope everything is ok...